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Inside Knowledge Of Wisconsin’s Entertainment Industry

In the entertainment industry, the contracts you sign can make or break your career. The law can bind you in an unfavorable contract, or it can protect your rights as an artist.

As an entertainer, it is critical that you have an attorney like me, Robert Arthur, to give you legal guidance. At Arthur Law Office LLC, I use my experience in the local music industry to provide insider knowledge of entertainment law to musicians, models, gamers, influencers, and other creatives throughout Wisconsin.

How I Can Help You With Your Career

As an entertainment lawyer, I work with individuals and entities on a variety of issues connected to gaming, streaming, social media influencing, music, and other types of original content creation. A few of things I can assist you with include:

  • Contracts: Drafting and reviewing contracts. I can make sure your contracts are fair and try to get you out of unfavorable or unlawful contracts.
  • Taxes: In Wisconsin, certain digital goods and services are subject to sales and use taxes. I can advise you in this complex area so you do not face civil or criminal penalties.
  • Career guidance: I strive to educate you about the law so you understand your rights and can make smart career choices.

From protecting your right to monetize your original work to your labor law rights, I stand up for you in a field that is ever-changing and notoriously cutthroat.

Do I Really Need An Entertainment Law Attorney?

There are many predatory people who try to take advantage of creators of original content. You can bet that agencies, labels, brands, and other entities have their own attorneys who know how to navigate the law to their own benefit. Far too many gamers, streamers, musicians, lyricists, and other types of entertainers have faded away because they were bound by unfair contracts or other legal traps. Without legal counsel, even the most talented and ambitious creators stand to lose out on lucrative career opportunities.

Protect Your Rights In The Industry With My Help

At Arthur Law Office LLC, I have the legal know-how and insider experience to provide the advice you need. Contact my law office in Wauwasota to learn more about how I can help you. To set up your free initial consultation, please call 414-501-2370 or send me an email.